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Why Volunteer?


Let's start with you. Studies say that volunteering is good for your mental and physical health. Meet people, learn new skills, and receive positive feedback about a job well done. It will do wonders for you and the people you are helping. 

Are you planning to go to college? Retiring? Are you considering a job change? Want to acquire new skills? Would you like to meet new people? Do you want to feel like you are making a measurable difference? These are all good reasons to consider volunteering at Prosser Memorial Health.

Lots to Offer


Our volunteers are multi-cultural, multi-lingual and diverse in every way. They are students, teachers, retired professionals, homemakers, and full and part-time employees. We offer a wide variety of on-going and project related assignments and volunteer opportunities to fit virtually every lifestyle and interest. Examples of volunteer opportunities include: 


  • Greet and direct patients

  • Be a liaison for families

  • Be a friendly visitor with patients

  • Entertain residents by visiting or reading with them

  • Participate in special events

  • Be a gift shop worker

  • Assist various departments with short and long-term projects

  • Participate in fund-raising activities.

Become part of a support group that is held in high regard by the hospital staff, administration and board of commissioners. Volunteer schedules can be arranged for your convenience. For more information, please call 786-6601. Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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